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At Bridgeview Construction in San Jose, we can help you with residential and commercial demolition along with junk hauling and waste removal. How do you get rid of remodeling or landscaping trash? What about that old shed on your newly purchased land? Leave it to us.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

We bridge the gap between small companies and larger contractors, this lets us give you a faster response time and excellence.

We work quickly to get the job done right, so you can enjoy your property or continue your project.

  • Remove Unsafe Structures
  • Redevelop Commercial Land
  • New Construction Cleanup
  • New Land Purchase With Old Buildings
  • Home & Business Remodels – Ceiling, Floor & Wall Removal
  • Remove Old Electrical, Plumbing, Or HVAC Systems

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Many renovations involve removing walls, old flooring, and even complete teardowns of existing rooms or outdoor structures. We’ll pull-down whatever you don’t need and then remove the construction debris for you.

  • Remove Old Patios & Decks
  • Tear Down Worn & Unwanted Cabinetry
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Demo
  • Remove Carpets & Hard Flooring
  • Tear Down Sheds & Barns

Safer Demos – Call In The Pros

Whether you’re renovating your home or business property, it’s a good idea to call a pro in to take care of demo work. Bigger tasks, like knocking down walls or removing unsafe buildings can be time-consuming and dangerous. Professional demolition offers you the ability to get everything done and cleared away quickly and safely.

Our Experience Protects Your Investment

Why risk unnecessary damage? Demolition is more than knocking stuff down. Care is taken by our construction company to make sure that your surrounding structures are not damaged. We also make sure that when walls or roofs are removed, the building keeps its structural integrity.

Got Junk? Get Rid Of It!

Besides general demolition, our general contractors also do junk haul away. Face it, you’ll never use the old couch in the corner of your basement. You can probably say the same thing about the mildewed pile of shingles in the garage or the ancient computers stacked in the back room of your business.

Our team of professionals will come out and remove all your unwanted junk. Imagine how much space you’ll have when we haul everything away.

  • Construction Waste
  • Landscaping & Yard Work Debris
  • Old Tiling, Drywall & Sheetrock
  • Floor & Wall Demo Waste
  • Windows, Doors & Frames
  • Shingles, Iron & Concrete
  • Old Appliances
  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Hot Tubs & Play Sets
  • Old Electronics

Demolition & Trash Haul Away In The Bay Area

Doing demolition and junk haul away on your own can be dirty, complicated, and downright dangerous. By calling in a demolition contractor, the job will get done quickly and efficiently. Contact us at Bridgeview Construction in San Jose today to set up a consultation appointment or junk pickup.

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